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My Response to #May Interview Challenge

#Sunny Side Updates with The Brain is a Noodle || Week 29

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[1] What did you like to do most when you were 10? They say that this hobby is likely what brings you the most joy in life — is this something you still do?

Me as a 10-year-old?
Reading lots of Comics and story books

Playing stupid games with neighbourhood friends and exchanging lots of made-up stories( we were very imaginative as such)
Dancing in the rain
Sketching or drawing with lots of colours
Climbing trees, making things out of mud etc.

Reading is something I still enjoy and is my favourite pass time. I am still an avid reader ranging from fiction (of all genre except horror), poetry, classics to non-fictional motivational books, biographies or autobiographies, articles, academic essays etc.
Sketching has lagged behind yet still, sometimes I do enjoy it but not with colours anymore. Now I prefer just charcoal or pencil sketches.
Even though ‘writing’, was never a hobby for me as a 10-year-old, but the imaginative stories I used to create as a part of our games now seem to have given way to my write-ups.

[2] What genres do you write? Why do you choose to write with these types of structures? What’s attractive about them?

I write poetry, essays, articles, short stories, quotes.

I prefer freestyle but have also tried forms like couplets or some other rhyming pattern. But still, I prefer free form because of its lack of inhibition or restrictions to play with words and their assonance.

Have published a book of poems titled: Frozen Smoulders. My poems and essays or articles are also part of several anthologies and journals.

I can express myself more and better through my written words than oral words. I believe and have found out that one can find a mirror for oneself in their own writings. That’s what motivates my pen on the blank sheets wherever or whenever I feel like it.

[3] What’s your all-time favourite childhood TV show?


All Cartoons shows especially Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Donald Duck along with Spider Man, The Phantom etc. Later I enjoyed shows like Small Wonder, Vikram-Betal (Indian fables), Chitrahaar( Bollywood songs on Doordarshan) Potli Baba Ki etc.

[4] Pick one sense and tell us about the most relaxing thing you do in relation to that sense.


Reading and watching some light-hearted reality shows is the best way I can relax with.
Browsing my social media accounts and connecting with friends online is the reading sense I enjoy. Sharing thought provoking posts or posting some quotes, does wonders to enliven my mood.
Music too helps me revive or reflect my mood at any time of the day.
My dream lockdown time- reading a novel on a swing hanging down in my balcony along fresh breeze with my favourite music playing in the background. Bliss!!

[5] Who is someone you want to connect more with this month? How might you go about doing this?


Myself is the one I want to bring to the fore after years of hiding behind responsibilities and daily grind of life.

Some solitude with my favourite books and shows. Some quality time with my kids. Making a bucket-list of wanna-do things. Some reflections of what has gone-by, and what needs to be done. Lots of phone calls to mom and close friends.

Stay away from all who are not worthy of my thoughts and time. Learn to break away from all those who tried to prove me to be inconsequential and not-enough.

This or that?

Bold your choice!

  • olive oil or butter
  • e-books or physical books
  • libraries or bookstores
  • noodles or rice
  • messy desk or organized desk

Articles to share

Your top viewed article on Medium

A poem

Showers at a shore

A rippling vast sheet of grey,
Spread across the gazing horizon,
Laced of white foaming, frothy fringes.
The whooshing arrivals at timed intervals
Amidst eternal sounds of lapping shores,
Bursting splashes on mossy rocks,
As if a clawing-in of a spraying net.

The fiery groom shut behind cloudy screen;
Then a piercing bluish streak of flash
Gurgling, booming clap of thunder-
Blinding the vision, asunder the skies.
Then, riding down on icy blocks, come down
The showery blessings of reviving life,
As though a gathered-up grand bridal veil
Is released out of the balcony of heaven
Drenching, consuming, blurring every sight.

The thick curtain of drops, then is pulled-up,
And gradually the mist haze dwindles,
While the bathed leaves of flora around
Spatter their wetness along the breeze;
Paths strewn of mirror like puddles
And the glint of a sudden peeping ray,
That lights up the world to brightness
As if a maiden out of a lagoon;

The birds timidly emerge from covers,
Peeking, pecking, squeaking, squawking.
Oh! The world comes alive with sounds
Of chirping, cawing, bleating, lyrics
Along with wavy, breezy, rhythmic music;

But, then here come once more
The cloudy cavalry on speeding chariots
As if a battalion of Greek Gods
Decide to bless the earth once again……

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Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)



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